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What should I teach my children about respecting the disabled?

Teach Respect to Children

Parents should teach their children early in life never to stare at another, disabled child (or adult). If they are curious, train them to approach the `disabled`, tell their name, and if they want, ask if the person minds telling them what their disbility is. Explain to your children that disabilities are caused by accidents and illnesses, and inside they are like everyone else. It really is important that children learn these courtesies early in life.

(This tip was contributed by: Jackie 'Micke' Jinks, Senior-tips Guru)

Are there any tasks I can do as a handicapped person?

Focus On *Can*

There is so much energy within a person, even the 'handicapped.' Try your best NOT to think of what you CAN'T do...but what you CAN do! Place all your energy in accomplishing one thing at a time, make that your own personal challenge. Ask for assistance where and when you need it, but your accomplishment will be your own! Throw away that word..."can't," replace it with "CAN!"

(This tip was contributed by: Jackie 'Micke' Jinks, Senior-tips Guru)

What can I do to help a friend or family member after surgery?

Offer to Run Errands

If you have a neighbor or friend with recent surgery, they will be unable to drive for some time. How nice it would be to have someone do their grocery shopping for them. How 'bout YOU! This would mean so much to that person.

(This tip was contributed by: Jackie 'Micke' Jinks, Senior-tips Guru)

How can I always be with my children?

Send Them Your Love Through Words

If you are a mother with a disability or an illness that may prevent you from seeing your children through those special times, while you are able--put your words on paper so that your children will always have a piece of you with them.

Should I feel sorry for those with a handicap or disability?

Emphasize the Positive

There is no need to "feel sorry" for those with disabilities. In fact, by allowing yourself to pity them, you are only emphasizing the negativity of the handicap. Instead, focus on the traits that make them "who" they are, not "what" they are; their handicap does not "define" them.

(This tip was contributed by: Lisa Pinter, Newsletter-tips Guru)

Is there a business that can help make travel plans for the disabled?

Accessible Journeys

Since 1985, Accessible Journeys has been designing accessible holidays and escorting groups on accessible vacations exclusively for slow walkers, wheelchair travelers, their families and their friends. Their experience and commitment to specialty travel allows them to design travel programs that harmonize unique needs and individual capabilities with recreational travel.

For more information, please visit:

How do I go about leading as normal a life as possible.


You must never let the disability get the best of you. You must always stay ahead of it and get the best of your disability. Do not get discouraged. Remain positive. Maybe you cannot do it like you used to, but maybe you can do it in a different way. Remember these few simple rules and you will be able to live as normal a life as possible.

What is a positive way to cope with your disability

How I Cope

There are many days when I am sad and just tired of being sick all of the time. Last year my mother bought me a notebook and told me to start keeping a journal of my fears, my hopes, and my dreams. This has been very helpful to me and I think it is a good idea for anyone who is struggling to cope with their disability.

(This tip was submitted by Brandon Tipton, my eight year old son who struggles with multiple disabilities.)

What should I teach my children about respecting the disabled?

Honest Discussions with Children

Something that is important to a disabled child is not to be stared at. If other families would talk to their children, explain about their good luck on being healthy, and how others may not be as fortunate. Never be afraid to talk to a disabled child; ask how they are doing today, tell them you just want to say hello to them, and let them know you hope they are better soon (if an illness or temporary disability). One child can make another child's DAY! Both will be happier.

(This tip was contributed by: Jackie 'Micke' Jinks, Senior-tips Guru)

Should I put my hands on a disabled person to pray for them?

Say a Quiet Prayer

If you are in a place of worship, show respect to those with disabilities by saying a quiet prayer rather than approaching them and putting your hands upon them to pray. In most cases, the person has accepted their disability, is leading a normal life, and does not wish to be "pointed out" for their disability. It can be extremely embarrassing to all those concerned.

(This tip was contributed by: vakker -

Should I make assumptions about certain disabilities?

Don't Make Assumptions

We should never assume that because a person cannot speak clearly, they are retarded. Severe speech deficits can be totally unrelated to intelligence.

Does Christmas Always Have To Be The Same?

Creating Traditions

Don't be afraid of creating your own traditions - live in the Christmas present, not the Christmas past: give yourself permission to do things differently this year, and give others space to do the same.

Should you let the disability be who you are?

Overtake the disability

You can make being disabled the single worst thing that has ever happened to you, or, you can choose to make it into a way of life that is both enjoyable and productive. Make your life count. Don`t let the disability over take you. You overtake the disability.

Is it okay for me to use handicapped-designated areas?

Be Courteous

Handicapped parking spots are not the only space reserved for handicapped. Many fast food restaurants have designated some tables by placing a small sign on the end of the table. If you are sitting at one of these and you see a wheelchair enter, kindly give up your table. It may very well be the only one in the restaurant where a wheelchair will fit.

Will Prayer really help?

Rely On The One Who Made You

When you are involved in the life of a handicapped person it is important to rely on the one who made you. Go to Him in pray. Pray for your family member and pray for yourself. He will give you the peace of mind that you will need to face each day and each hurdle that you must cross.

*Submitted by a father and a husband of a disabled son and wife.

Is there something I can do to show that I care?

Show You Care

Disabled people are in need of some comfort, no matter what the disability. A visit with a smile and a small gift would do wonders for them. Some suggestions are: books for an adult or child, playtoys and stuffed toys for a child, a fan for the elderly who cannot afford air-conditioning.

Knowing that people care is a great down-home remedy for any ailment.

(This tip was contributed by: Jackie 'Micke' Jinks, Senior-tips Guru)

What can I do to help a friend or family member after surgery?

Fixing Meals

People who have had recent open-heart surgery are not able to lift over 5 lbs., iron, or peel but one potato for some time. A few small, individual meals would mean so much to them at this time.

(This tip was contributed by: Jackie 'Micke' Jinks, Senior-tips Guru)

What is the proper etiquette for talking to someone with a disability?

Having a Baby?

Family and friends should never show shock or 'nay-say' to the couple, where one has diabetes, when they have decided to have children. It is obvious this is their want, and that they have already consulted their doctor on the dangers. Weighing all possibilities, this is THEIR choice to have a family, and should be supported by all. (This happened to some young friends of mine, they had two boys who are just fine, as is the diabetic Mother.)

(This tip was contributed by: Jackie 'Micke' Jinks, Senior-tips Guru)

What good will beating yourself up about it do?

Put Your Guilt in Perspective

If you are depressed about something that you feel you have done wrong, beating yourself up about it will not do any good. It is more important for you to take some type of action to right the wrong.

Will journaling help me cope with my disability?

May I Suggest A Journal

If you or your child or loved on has a disability, start a journal. It is a wonderful way to express your feelings and your fears.

You can share this journal or it could just be a private part of you. Either way it is sure to make you feel better.

How can I make my Handicaped child relax and be comfortable?

Music Therapy

Using music therapy can be a wonderful way to help relieve a handicapped person of stress. It can be a way of reaching them and helping them to communicate with others.

Music can be relaxing and soothing to all.

Am I entitled to basic rights at my place of employment?

Fair Work Policies

No matter what your disability, you have the right to fair work policies. It is important that you know what these are and what you can do to insure that your basic rights are being met. Be sure to ask your employer for a copy of their policies.

Should dad´s be involved in the care of their special needs child?

Get Dad Involved

It is important for the father of the handicapped child to become as involved as possible in his/her life. Whenever you can, try to make important doctors appointment or special school appointments at times when he can be available.

When Brandon is in the hospital for long periods of time, I stay all day and Rick will stay at least two nights during the week. He then takes over on the weekends.

When Brandon is at home, Rick tries to help with his many needs for a couple of hours each evening so that I can have some free time. He also tries to spend at least part of one weekend day doing things that Brandon can do.

This is important to both of them. Rick understands Brandon's limitations more and appreciates what he can do. Brandon really knows that his father loves him no matter what those limitations might be.

Is there a website that will help me cope with my child´s cancer?

The Never Ending Squirrel Tale

An absolutely delightful website designed to "encourage and empower parents of kids with cancer when they feel the most discouraged and powerless." Read what other moms and dads are saying about how they cope and don't forget to sign the guestbook and visit their scrapbook!

Never Ending Squirrel Tale

What type of therapy can be used to relax a person?

Music Therapy

Using music therapy can be a wonderful way to help relieve a handicapped person of stress. It can be a way of reaching them and helping them to communicate with others.

Music can be relaxing and soothing to all.

Should you remember the siblings?

It is Not Just The Disabled Person

It is important to remember the siblings of the handicapped child as well. They hurt when their brother/sister is sick. They are afraid when they are in the hospital that they may never come home. They struggle with having to do without their parents so many times. And, they can do nothing to make it better.

*This tip was submitted by Clayton Tipton who is the seven year old brother of a disabled child.

How can I get away from the stress of dealing with a handicap?

Take a Break

Hire a baby-sitter or have a friend come over for a couple of hours. If you do not want to leave the house, then don`t! But, do leave the room. Read a good book, catch up on some phone calls, take a bubble bath, whatever you want to do. Do spend this time doing something for yourself. It will be a blessing and will give you a fresh start on things.

What is the proper etiquette for talking to someone with a disability?

Consideration for Others

How nice it would be, if you were standing in a long line and noticed a person with a disability joining at the end, to exchange places with them. Even better, ask those 4 or 5 people if they would mind you letting that (disabled) person come up in front of you. Most people are agreeable to this request, and certainly the person in question would be greatly appreciative.

(This tip was contributed by: Jackie 'Micke' Jinks, Senior-tips Guru)

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