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Does bed wetting run in families?

Primary Goal

The primary goal is to minimize the trauma for your child. You can help them to minimize this by explaining to them that bedwetting runs in the family. Discuss with them who had the problem and how it was finally cured.

What can I do to help my child gain control?

Pelvic Exercises

Do exercises that will help to increase bladder capacity. Encourage your child to try to hold back from going to the bathroom for ten to thirty minutes after they feel the initial urge to go.

Pelvic constriction exercises like kegals can help them to gain control over just starting to urinate.

Are a good diet and exercise important in fighting High Blood Pressure

Diet Diet Diet

While a good diet is important in maintaining normal blood pressure, it should be combined with regular exercise, which will lower blood pressure by conditioning the heart to work more efficiently.

Before you start any new exercise program, consult with your doctor. He/she will need to determine your safe level of activity.

Should I wear my glasses after dark even if I do not need them?

Wear Your Glasses

Even if you are mildly near sighted and don't need your glasses all the time, always wear them after dark.

Will lowering my salt intake help with my high blood pressure?

Genetic Tendency

Approximately one of three people have a genetic tendency to retain sodium. In this type of person, the restriction of salt beginning at an early age will reduce the risk of hypertension.

When is the best time to get help for my child´s stuttering?

Get Professional Help

The best time to get help from a speech therapist is when your child is a preschooler. This is when they are really beginning to speak and are not yet fighting or reacting to the stuttering.

Can my optomistrist do anything to help me with my night vision?

Cut The Glare

Your optometrist can put an antireflective coating on your glasses that will cut the glare and increase the light coming into your eye.

If you are having trouble seeing at night you should as him or her about this.

Is there ever a good time to step in and help the child who stutters?

Create a Calm Communication Zone

Make a time when the child who stutters is given your individual attention each day. Do this so that they do not have to compete with the other children.

Will talking slower really help the child who stutters?

Don't Be A Fast Talker

If your normal rate of speech is rapid, slow your pace down. You need to be a good model for your child to follow when they speak.

Will being over weight affect my blood pressure?

Lose The Weight

Even if you are only a few pounds overweight, this can contribute to hypertension. Losing that extra weight can sometimes be all it takes to return that blood pressure to normal.

Are special talks important for the child who stutters?

Set Aside A Chat Time

Have plenty of quiet talks with your child. A period of 5 to 10 minutes is fine, but just make sure that you do it often. Talk about things that interest your child without asking questions or intimidating them.

What is the rule about headlights?

Don't Get Caught in the Headlights

As a rule, you will want to keep on coming headlights in your peripheral vision so that they do not momentarily blind you.

What is the best way to support your child who stutters?

Do Not Make It a Taboo

Your child may feel that their stuttering is an unmentionable topic. Parents can end this feeling by using the most direct approach. Give plenty of emotional support when your child is having a hard time. You may want to say something to them like:

"That was really hard to say, wasn't it?"


"I sometimes have trouble saying that, too!"

Is smoking good for my blood pressure?

No Smoking Please!

If you are a smoker, try to quit! Nicotine will raise your blood pressure and by quitting you can drop it by 10 points or more.

What should my Blood Pressure be?

What is Normal?

A normal adult blood pressure is 140/85. If you are being classified as having hypertension, your doctor is most likely following these guidelines:

High normal or borderline is 140/85-89
Mild is 140-159/90-104
Moderate to severe is 160/105 and higher.

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