How I Cope

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What is a positive way to cope with your disability

How I Cope

There are many days when I am sad and just tired of being sick all of the time. Last year my mother bought me a notebook and told me to start keeping a journal of my fears, my hopes, and my dreams. This has been very helpful to me and I think it is a good idea for anyone who is struggling to cope with their disability.

(This tip was submitted by Brandon Tipton, my eight year old son who struggles with multiple disabilities.)



7/9/2006 6:36:15 AM
Tanya said:

This, Brandon, is perhaps the best coping mechanism possible. I, too, use a daily journal to write my fears, ideas and even more of my successes and this certainly helps me see how I grow from day to day. It also enables me to see the mistakes I make and help me not continue doing the same silly stuff all of the time. Keep on writing!


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