Get Dad Involved

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Should dad´s be involved in the care of their special needs child?

Get Dad Involved

It is important for the father of the handicapped child to become as involved as possible in his/her life. Whenever you can, try to make important doctors appointment or special school appointments at times when he can be available.

When Brandon is in the hospital for long periods of time, I stay all day and Rick will stay at least two nights during the week. He then takes over on the weekends.

When Brandon is at home, Rick tries to help with his many needs for a couple of hours each evening so that I can have some free time. He also tries to spend at least part of one weekend day doing things that Brandon can do.

This is important to both of them. Rick understands Brandon's limitations more and appreciates what he can do. Brandon really knows that his father loves him no matter what those limitations might be.



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