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What is it important for you to do at least once each day?

My Brothers and I Do This Every Day

Each night before you go to bed, pray for the person who is handicapped. Also you must pray for the family. That they will remain strong, that the other children will understand, and that each member of the family will do their part.

* This tip was submitted by Megan Tipton. She is the 5 year old sister of Brandon who has multiple disabilities.

Do I Need To Bring All of My Child´s Equipment With Me When I Travel?

How To Travel With Your Handicapped Child

My son is in need of special equipment that would have been very difficult to travel with. He needs oxygen and pump feeding equipment. This would have taken up so much room in our van that there would have been room for nothing else.

What we did was to call the people who supplied us with these things at home. They then contacted their affiliates in the area that we were traveling to. When we arrived at our destination, everything we needed was waiting for us.

This makes things so much easier. We just took what we needed to get from our home to our destination, and everything else was taken care of for us.

We again made one simple phone call when we were ready to leave and the affiliate company gave us enough equipment to get home and picked up the rest.

What should I teach my children about respecting the disabled?

Get Siblings Involved

An important part of keeping the family together is through prayer, and especially so if there are siblings and one is the handicapped. Let the `healthy` siblings realize their importance in participating, remind them how much they help you, how much their brother/sister loves them, how much you love them all, even if your time with them is limited.

(This tip was contributed by: Jackie 'Micke' Jinks, Senior-tips Guru)

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