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Am I in any way responsible for my childs 504?

What I Need To Know

When going in to do your 504 plan, it is a good idea to bring with you all persons involved in your child`s care, such as nurses, doctors, speech therapists, etc. They will be able to answer questions that you may not, and will be great sources of information for your school.
Take notes. Make a list of everything that you expect from the school, and the people that you will help them to choose to care for your child.

What is your job as a parent?

Avoid humiliating your child

Your child may suffer both emotionally and socially because of his or her learning disability.

Your job as a parent is to intervene and promote self confidence. You need to undo all the damage that others have done.

What should the IEP provide for my child?

What Should It Provide

Alternative learning programs should provide individualized education programs outside of a standard classroom setting in a caring atmosphere in which students will be able to learn the skills necessary to redirect their lives.

Do I need to keep pounding in the information that is not understood

Stress Their Strengths

Every child, even a disabled child has strengths.
Always take time to notice his/her strengths and do not dwell on the weaknesses. There are times in your teaching when you need to just teach in those areas that are of interest so that you can build confidence.

Is it possible for a handicaped person to travel on their own?

Teach Me So That I Can Go

If you have a child, teen, or even an adult who is unable to get around by themselves--teach them to use public transportation. Do not do this to make things easier for yourself, but do it for them.
They will get a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. It is also good to remember that you may not always be here and this will give them something to fall back on.

Who will refer my child to the 504 Plan?

Know Your 504

It is important to know just who qualifies for the 504 plan. The following is information that will help you know how the 504 is developed:

Basically, there are four steps involved in the development of a 504 plan.

1. The student is referred by a teacher, parent/legal guardian, school support staff, physician, or therapist. It is possible for the student to initiate a self-referral.

2. A 504 plan meeting is scheduled and held.

3. A 504 plan is developed for the student.

4. The team sets a plan review date.

Is Color coding helpful?

Be Colorful

Whenever I send notes to school or anyone for that matter, I write the note on brightly colored paper. Then when I do a follow-up phone call, I remind them that I sent it on the bright green, orange, red, etc. paper. It helps them locate it in their stack of papers.

To help with organization, we color code the notebooks with the corresponding textbook. If the spelling book is yellow, we buy a yellow notebook. If the science book is purple, we get a purple notebook. This does help to keep the same textbook and notebook together for assignments. - S.G., Ogallala, NE

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